04-May-1974, Academy of Music, New York NY, USA - Hogweed 07

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Title Hogweed 07
(HW 07)
Date 04-May-1974
Venue Academy of Music, New York NY
Country USA Type Audience
  USA Quality * A
  Media 2CD-R
Track # Track Name
Track Length
1.1Watcher Of The Skies
1.2Britannia Story
1.3One Handed Drum Solo
1.4Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
1.5Romeo Story
1.6Cinema Show
1.7I Know What I Like
1.85 Rivers Story
1.9Firth Of Fifth
2.1Henry Story
2.2"Some In Betweens Phil..."
2.3The Musical Box
2.5The Battle Of Epping Forest
2.6Old Michael Story
2.7Supper's Ready
Total Running Time :

Recording Comments Recording comments
Hogweed release HW07

Great release. The best performance I heard from the Selling England tour, especially Phil is having a great night. Excellent quality as well. [Jesper Moonen]

One of my fave bootlegs. A cracking show! [kotti]

Stupendous audience recording! [pablo]

One of the best audience recording, surely the best from Selling tour, amazing! [Gigio67]

This is a great audience recording, especially considering its age. At the end of the tour the performance is excellent as well. [mdekoning]
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Simon_Funnell (A), Matt McMad, jelleleistra, Salvi (A), LivingForever, Jesper Moonen, GedLynch (A), wbeens (A), neilston42, Chiffi_Argentina, davebriddon (A), alex (A), Tradax, GrahamMuz (A), casey1942 (A), xNearDark (A), klingklang (B+), rael_thing (A), Slipperman, CaptainRansid (A), Fred (A+), The_Lurker (A), chgars (A), kotti (A), dbrunnerwi, meek, magnetopat, therealovo, colinnaisbitt (A-), fsramire, gfac22 (A), LaTortue, tori (A), Mal (A), jrsquonk, Ted_Sayers, joeydrums, torciaumana, dr.dado, Father_Tiresias, ragnarock, locust_lover, jvkl (A), vocaltange, SimonH (A+), Wren, Nahuel_Argentina, dalton (A), squonk100, Ezequiel-Argentina, saintee, lovesick_alien, birdust, thelonghello (A), doublebassy (A-), Genesiskev, hecko, David35 (A), bilkar (A-), CaptainNed, PhilCollins2004, rickcoppola, Southpaw, NeilC (A), bizon, earlofendos (A), richiemcg, six_of_the_best (A), lamb79 (A), volvoRman, Snorky, signpost_says (A), Gigio67 (A+), slowburn, Spaceshifter, Gabriel12 (A), DWL1963, Ecki, mlpain24, OldHenry, sdicht (A-), mdekoning (A), TPhil90 (A), liovaibnsalem, cirrus (A), Uffel (A), patanjali, rudystammer, vanbijo, jackson, rkipp (A), Marvin, holden, Dorsetbay (A), maurirhs, josedequeso (A+), fuelesfan, Face-Value, koenenbw, Deckard (A), Squonkendos (A), Langemozo (A), jill, Windsorian17 (A+), donkey, musicalbox_71, harrylecask, carlosrr, Watcher09 (A), ACE (B), hookstone, itbites, frdodd, aristote, earlofmar56, zervin (A), kingrommel, benroberts79, GenMan13, Etem_T
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